Since our inception, Ajensha Consulting has been totally focused on building a strategic, quality search practice.

Ajensha Consulting Executive Search (ACES)

Ajensha Consulting Group was founded with the distinctive aim of understanding the needs of all our stakeholders in order to fulfil the aims and aspirations of our corporate mission and operating philosophy:

  • Understanding the Right Job

  • Understanding the Right Time

  • Understanding the Right People


ACES is the core business of Ajensha with the sole purpose of providing clients customised services in human resource management. This includes Executive Search (Retainer Job Engagements), Recruitment of Specialised Positions and Mass Recruitment of specific industry-related jobs.

Ajensha’s process employs a rigorous in-house method of searching for the RIGHT PEOPLE for the RIGHT JOB at the RIGHT TIME. This is achieved by aligning all the stakeholders’ interests first in creating value from the early conception of securing the Job Engagement to the post joining date of the candidate.


ACES’ first principle of business is always to develop a keen understanding of the nature and scope of the job position that we have been commissioned to fill. This is the core and fundamental reason for our track record of successful closures of the Job Engagements we have been hired to fulfil.

Our second principle is a sound understanding of the TIME period assigned to the Job Engagement. This allows our search consultants to ascertain the impact and influence of key variables upon the search process, such as the health of the economy, the salary range, and whether the best talent is available in the market currently for the job.

ACES’ third principle is developing a good understanding of the PEOPLE that we represent to our clients and vice versa. This ensures that expectations are aligned properly between our clients and candidates for both parties to have the highest probability of success in achieving mutually beneficial outcomes when the job search process concludes.

The RIGHT Aspirations

We also seek to apply the right aspirations in fulfilling the job search mandate we have been assigned. Our first aspiration is to add value to by first obtaining a sound comprehension of the scope, significance and relationship of the job at hand to immediate colleagues, team members of other departments/divisions, the senior management as well as the entire company in general. We understand that filling the Right Job matters!

Our next aspiration is to manage well the TIME period of the job search. This includes providing the latest available information to our client’s hiring manager(s) on current issues facing the industry as well as deeper insights of developing market trends that may be advantageous to the client’s business positioning. We know that the Right Timing can be everything!

ACES’ third aspiration in searching for the right PEOPLE means that beyond the basics like knowledge of the industry and business they work in, we also seek to understand all important facets of a candidate’s professional work life and career. This may include aspects like the candidate’s initial reasons for choosing to work in an industry, their drive and enthusiasm for their line of work, their career development and progression and last but not least, if they have a passion or dream that keeps them going.


ACES believe that a Job is not just a Job! The world we live in today is constantly bombarded with new challenges and opportunities. Employees need to be proactive and strive to become Knowledge Workers. ACES always believe that a Job is an honourable vocation and when workers are prepared to put in the right effort, passion and time, the increase in effectiveness and efficiency is remarkable. The sky is only the limit!


ACES believes that TIME is precious. As such, TIME is LIFE and we always appreciate it when clients and candidates share their time with us. As a matter of practice, we will also make TIME to listen to the needs of those who want to share their achievements, their aspirations and their dream job with us.


ACES believe that PEOPLE can rise to the occasion if the situation demands it. Given the right time, ACES’ will always strive to deliver the right person in the right job for both our clients and candidates respectively.

ACES Specialised Search


Apart from our mainstream executive search business, ACES also runs other lines of business which recruits professionals and knowledge workers for industries in specific areas.

ACES Independent Director Search

Our experience in corporate services and understanding of the tax environment tells us that the ability to establish strong corporate governance and management substance is crucial in protecting today’s businesses. An experienced board of directors (in contrast to certain nominee directors) could strengthen the companies’ defence against the inquisitive eyes of the tax authorities by:

  • Demonstrating that the board has the capabilities to make sound management decisions
  • Having the expertise to explain business rationales to the authorities
  • Providing proper documentation supporting their management decisions

As such, we seek highly qualified professionals with a minimum of 20 years of experience in all industries and disciplines to join our ranks of Independent Director. Kindly forward your C.V. to and we will contact you for a chat. For more details please click here.

For Companies seeking Independent Directors, please feel free to give us a call @ +65 6827 9077 or email us your wish list @ and we can help your company build a resilient board of directors. For more information please click here.

Tax Search

Chau Yun-Hong / Founder of Ajensha Group started in Tax Search since 2003. Ajensha Tax Search was founded to meet the increasing needs in Singapore and the region for specialised tax executive search. Ajensha Tax Search is the preferred tax recruitment for many Singapore’s leading multinationals (Including a certain niche clientele from Conglomerate, Holding Companies, Fiduciary and Offshore services, Family Office and ad-hoc specialised requests). Ajensha Tax Search established good contacts within the Taxation community in Singapore as well as neighbouring countries.

Chau Yun-Hong specialises in the recruitment of tax professionals - from Tax Manager to Head of Tax and focuses exclusively on 'in-house’ tax recruitment across industries and cross-borders. Ajensha Tax Search is constantly involved with the tax community with the collaboration of tax meetings / tax events between the main taxation stakeholders of the Tax Legal Fraternity, the Tax Accounting Firms (Tier 1 and other Tiers), the Commercial in-house taxation team, the semi-government linked in-house taxation partners, the taxation authorities as well as other government related statutory boards and the individual retired taxation seniors. We completed many tax search mandates by placing key Tax Directors & Tax Managers across multiple jurisdictions and industries.

The company pride itself to be constantly working as well as talking to corporate tax, transfer pricing, indirect tax & international tax professionals. We helped the tax fraternity in recruitment, assessment of current tax department structure, and provide long term individual key career decisions that impacted both their family and the tax community.

We also took great pride to be invited by the education and academic institutions in assiting with the nurturing of new talents by providing conducive environments for future development of taxation leaders, individuals and academians. Ajensha Tax Search is honoured to be the bridge between potential employers and graduating tax students.

Ajensha Tax Search spend a considerable amount of time meeting clients & candidates to better understand the potential employers’ tax related job requirements and to make the necessary matching of suitable tax candidates.

Our database of the taxation members are consistently updated and collected from a number of our Taxation Community Interest Groups, like SEA Tax Community, Transfer Pricing Asia Pacific Group, Tax Symposium and many more interest groups.

This helps us prepare the shortlist for every tax search mandates appointed to Ajensha Tax Search.

We strive to better serve the tax community and to match the RIGHT PEOPLE FOR THE RIGHT JOB AT THE RIGHT TIME. Ajensha Tax Search look forward to assist your esteem company's taxation department needs.

Kindly forward your C.V. to and we will contact you for a chat.

For Companies seeking Independent Directors, please feel free to give us a call @ +65 6827 9077 or email us your wish list @ and we can help your company build a resilient board of directors.